Therapy Sessions   –  1 hour: $180

Psychologists study the science of the brain and behaviour in order to better understand how people think, feel, behave, and relate. Psychotherapy is the art of pairing this knowledge with evidence-based techniques in order to help people with distressing thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and relationships. In Newfoundland, psychologists have to be registered with the Newfoundland and Labrador Psychology Board in order to practice, and must follow standards to provide you with the safest and most effective care.

A meeting with a psychologist involves assessment, treatment planning, and the use of empirically supported therapies tailored to your concerns and goals. You and your psychologist/therapist will work from a supportive and collaborative relationship where you can talk openly and safely.

Psychology at Winterholme – Dr. Stacy Smith

Dr. Stacy Smith is a clinical psychologist who obtained her PsyD from Memorial University in 2016. In therapy she uses an approach that balances reflection and action – helping clients build insight and understanding while also taking practical steps towards a valued life. She is integrative and draws on techniques from various modalities, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), emotion-focused therapy, and psychodynamic/interpersonal therapy. Dr. Smith sees individuals with diverse backgrounds and needs. Some of her main areas of focus include self-esteem, anxiety, stress, mood, OCD, gender, sexuality, relationships, interpersonal, existential, or adjustment concerns, and childhood trauma, among others.

The average length of time for therapy is dependent on your goals and needs, but it is always up to you to decide how much and what type of therapy is right for you. The first step is getting in touch to discuss how we can help. If another program or person would service you better, we can help you make that referral. It is important to find the right match with a therapist who can best meet your needs so that you can feel comfortable and safe – we are happy to talk about this with you.

A Psychologist can help if you are:

  • Feeling dissatisfied with how you are living, who you are, or your purpose in life.
  • Feeling stuck or helpless to change some of your problems.
  • Struggling to carry out daily activities including self-care, work, parenting, and others.
  • Worrying too much, expecting the worst and finding it hard to be hopeful about the future.
  • Struggling to express/meet your needs in relationships, or feeling that you often have relationship disappointments.
  • Noticing that your actions are hurting yourself or others due to anger, using too much of a substance, harming yourself, etc.

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Please call us at 709-739-7979 to discuss your questions/interest in Psychology services at Winterholme.

Please be aware that we are not an urgent care center.

If you feel that your mental health concerns are an emergency, please go to the nearest hospital or contact the Mental Health Crisis Line at 709-737-4668