Misencil Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions with Holly Madden

Good-Bye Mascara – Hello Longer, Fuller Lashes!

Together with Holly you will choose what length, thickness and curl you’d like to compliment your natural beauty for the unique look you desire. MISENCIL extensions are water resistant, comfortable and give you the full, long, radiant eyelashes you’ve always wanted without damaging your natural lashes.

New NATURAL Lash Set        $115-$130
1 hr 45 mins approx.
(price dependent on lash density)
Lengthen and thicken your eyelashes with individually applied extensions customized to compliment your natural beauty
(approx. 60-80 extensions).
Colored Lashes Available      $5
(Ask during your appt.)
As your natural lashes shed, your extensions go with them. To keep your lashes permanent and looking great, a fill is required every 2-4 wks.

Natural Lash Fills
2 weeks       
                           $50 – 1 hr 15 mins approx.
3 weeks                                  $58 – 1 hr 15 mins approx.
4 weeks                                  $65 – 1 hr 30 mins approx.

Touch-ups $30-$40 – 45 mins approx.
Have a special event coming up? Come in and get your lashes fluffed in between fills. (lashes under 10 days old)
Removal        $20 – 30 mins approx.
Call us or visit    http://www.misencil.com     for more information.

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