Our main priority during COVID-19, is to keep you safe.

We have taken many precautions and have adopted stringent guidelines to ensure the best experience for our customers.
As a health and wellness facility we will continue to take all sanitation measures and regularly monitor the development of COVID-19.

If you have traveled outside of Newfoundland and Labrador, please call us to reschedule your appointment. Thank you.

Details and requirements about your upcoming visit:
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time, remain in your car, and call 709-739-7979 to check-in. We will complete your screening questions and provide instructions for entry into the building.
  • Upon entry, please follow the white squares on the floor to the washroom (straight back behind the fireplace) and wash your hands. ** please note this washroom is a hand-washing station only, you can use the toilet in the treatment room if needed. IF YOU PREFER: there is a Hand Sanitization Station on the table in the porch, as soon as you open the front door.
  • Once you have washed your hands, follow the green arrows on the floor up the main stairway to the second floor; your provider will meet you there. For the SPA, once on the second floor, you’ll then follow the small brown arrows to the third floor and meet your esthetician there.
  • You are required to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, you may purchase one from us– please let us know on the phone during check-in and we will place one in the front porch for you.
  • We ask that you maintain social distancing when inside Winterholme and follow all rules and signage posted.

  • We will ask screening questions during confirmation calls and the day of your appointment. If you are feeling unwell, please reschedule your appointment. We have a 24 hour cancelation policy to avoid a late cancelation fee. If you are showing any flu or cold like symptoms upon arrival, or wait to cancel your appointment at the last minute, you will be charged in full for the appointment. Please reschedule your appointment during your confirmation call if you are feeling unwell. Our staff maintain the right to refuse treatment if illness is suspected. Please consider rescheduling your appointment to avoid being charged for a treatment you are unable to receive.
  • Our 24 hour no-show and cancellation policy still applies. Any late cancels or no shows will be charged and you will be contacted for an option to reschedule. When it comes to poor weather: there will be no late cancelation fees associated to keeping you and our staff safe.
  • We will only allow those with appointments into the building, anyone coming with you will need to remain outside.

  • For Pedicures, please bring your own sandals.
  • You are welcome to bring your own beverage as we are unable to provide drinks at this time.
  • We are unable to provide a waiting area, please remain in your car until directed to enter the building/treatment room. Once you are inside, you will be required to stand on the appropriate waiting square until your appointment starts.
COVID-19 Screening Questions:

               In the last 14 days, I

  1. Have no new onset cough, worsening chronic cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
  2. Have no flu like symptoms.
  3. Have not traveled outside of NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR in the last 14 days. *** If you have traveled outside of NL, please call us to reschedule your appointment. ***
  4. Do not have a fever (or temperature over 37.8).
  5. Have not been in contact with anyone who has a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19, I do not have a confirmed case of COVID-19, and I have not been in close contact with anyone with an acute respiratory illness.
  6. I do not have two or more of the following symptoms: sore throat, runny nose/sneezing, nasal congestion, hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, decrease or loss of sense of smell, chills, headaches, unexplained fatigue/malaise, diarrhea, abdominal pain or nausea/vomiting?
  7. If you are over the age of 65: I have not experienced any of the following: delirium, falls, acute functional decline, or worsening of chronic conditions.

Contact-Free Payment Details:
  • We accept: credit/debit (with tap if possible) or EMT: info@winterholme.com. We do have limited cash on hand, but contact-free payment is preferred. For those with insurance for direct billing, we will get this information ahead of time either during your booking, confirmation call or check-in/screening. If you have a gift card, please provide the full number during confirmation call or your check-in/screening call.
  • Your receipt will be emailed to you after your visit.
  • In order to confirm appointments, we require: full name, cell phone, email address and method of payment for contact-free payment.
  • When it comes to poor weather: there will be no late cancelation fees associated to keeping you and our staff safe. Please check here often, or on our Facebook page for closures and reopening reports.

Cold/Flu Season and Allergies:

As we approach cold & flu season, we ask that you contact 811 if you are feeling unwell. They will advise if you are required to be tested for Coronavirus. If 811 or your doctor confirms your symptoms are cold/flu/allergy related, please call us to discuss this prior to your appointment so we can make a treatment decision together.

However, if you are feeling unwell (sore throat, sniffles, cough) and have been cleared of Covid-19, please remember that you could still be contagious with a viral or bacterial infection.  Therefore, we strongly advise you stay home and take care of yourself and avoid the spread. We appreciate your co-operation.


Since winter is officially upon us, we will ask you to remove your outdoor shoes to help protect our Heritage floors from salt. During this time you are welcome to bring a pair of indoor shoes/slippers with you as we are unable to provide any during COVID. A plastic bin will be available in the front porch to place your wet shoes in to bring to your treatment room.    ** If you are unable to remove your shoes, please let us know on the phone during check-in so we can accommodate.

Once you return home from your appointment with us, please:

Ensure proper hand washing as part of your home care routine.  Showering as soon as you return home is recommended.   Remove your mask when you can social distance and when you can safely dispose of or thoroughly wash it. Always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling your mask.

Please continue to follow government recommendation of social distancing as these measures protects both of us from over exposure. We also commit to follow this recommendation. If you develop any possible COVID-19 symptoms in the 2 weeks after your treatment, please contact 811 as soon as possible. Please inform Winterholme if you have been tested for the virus so we may make a decision on what next steps to take.

These are uncertain times for us all but as we come together and work together safely, we can protect each other and our loved ones. We ask that you have patience with our ever-changing requirements and adjustments as we focus on keeping you and our staff safe, while following association and government guidelines.
The entire Winterholme family appreciates your business, support and patience.