Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling

~ 8 week Nutritional & Lifestyle Package ~

with our Naturopathic Doctors

Let us partner with you week by week to help develop an individual nutritional and healthy lifestyle plan to help you feel the way you were meant to feel… Amazing!

We will help you find your way back to optimal health, giving you enough energy and strength to be the best person you can be daily.   We will also help you to obtain your optimal body weight, while giving you the tools you need to maintain this with realistic lifestyle changes.  We work with you individually to develop a plan that matches your current life situation.

We know that achieving optimal weight and improving energy are not as simple as calories in and calories out.

We have to consider all aspects of health including asking about:

  • Food intolerances :is gluten free or dairy free right for your body? We can guide you through elimination diets and/or test your blood to see what foods you should and should not be eating.
  • Endocrine function :is your thyroid and adrenal gland making you tired? We can test your levels through a saliva test.
  • Individual body types :what foods are good for your body type from a Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic point of view?
  • Nutritional status: Are you getting enough nutrients and are you absorbing them properly? We can test your vitamin and mineral status, including Vitamin D status.
  • Life’s stressors:how busy is your family/career/school life?

We believe that we all need support to make change.  We have learned that being accountable during change is helpful to our patients.  The relationships that we foster through this type of work with people has proven to be effective and empowering.  We believe this is how true change is initiated.

Cost for this 8-week package: $500
paid in full upon initial visit, non-refundable

This 8 week package includes:

  • Initial consultation (1.5 hours) including: current health assessment, health history, lifestyle assessment, and dietary analysis.  At this time we will come up with a treatment plan to follow.
  • 45 minuteclinic visit every second week, with a 15 minute skype or phone consultations on the alternate weeks.
  • Grocery store visit:for one of the follow up visits we will come with you to the grocery store to help show you where to look for healthier products, what to avoid in foods, and what to include in your diet.
  • Provide an e-mail contact for updates, advice, and support as needed.

~ Life Coaching with Christina ~

Happiness starts with you and Christina’s coaching is all about you.

Life Coaching is having a ‘person’ in your corner who motivates you to accomplish that goal you’ve been longing for. A person who challenges you to be the best you, you can be! A person who will show you how you can overcome the obstacles and challenges blocking the way to your success.

Areas for consideration:

  • Career changes with a new or existing company
  • Life Balance between work and self
  • Enhancing your Self Worth, Self Esteem and Self Care
  • Health & Healing – physical, emotional, spiritual

Your 90 minute session is broken into three parts:

  • You will begin with some comprehensive paperwork to define your goals and begin the journey of rediscovering yourself.
  • You will then relax and start visualizing what your goals feel and look like while relaxing even deeper with a hand or foot massage.
  • Following your massage, we will apply your visualization into writing and help you to focus on one goal at a time, to begin your path to success.

Kathleen Mercer B.Sc, N.D.
Tanya O’Brien B.Sc, N.D.
Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine

Health For Life
Naturopathic Medical Clinic
Now operating from Winterholme

Additional options:

  • Individuals may choose to start this program with a food intolerance blood test so that we build the nutritional plan around the known foods that are best for each person (IgG blood test cost: $359 +tax).
  • Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, and Reiki are available for extra support throughout this process, if desired. Among the other services offered at Winterholme Wellness & Spa.

The work that you do with a Naturopathic Doctor is often covered by private health insurance.  Many people have this coverage and are unaware.

Interested in this package?
Please call 709-739-7979 to make your initial appointment.

Health For Life is located in the Winterholme Wellness Center.

You can start this package at ANY time.  Let us work together to make the changes you need to help you be the best you can be!

** All parts of this 8 week package must be used within 3 months from  your initial visit. We strongly advise pre-booking your follow up clinic, skype and grocery store visits. **

Want to take the first step in your happiness? 

Imagine, leaving Winterholme feeling relaxed about your future. Knowing that you have been refreshed and filled with Inspiration!

Initial sessions include:  

  • Know your Client paperwork
  • Hand or Foot Massage
  • Client Workbook

$99 – 90 minute

Follow up sessions include:

  • Hand or Foot Massage
  • Client Workbook

$89 – 60 minutes