Traditional Acupuncture

Initial Assessment    –   90 minutes: $95

Treatments   –  30 minutes: $55  /  60 minutes: $70

Tui Na is a form of Chinese Massage. It is used to relieve muscle tension by stimulating acupuncture points and channels, and promoting a smooth flow of energy. a 30 minute treatment will concentrate on the main complaint of the client. A 60 minute treatment will consist of a full Tui Na treatment, along with cupping or Gua Sha in the most affected areas.

Cupping and/or Gua Sha Treatment 

20 minutes: $45  /  30 minutes with minimal needling: $55

45 minute Initial Cupping Assessment: $65

Cupping is a therapeutic technique creating a vacuum on an affected area which physically pulls the skin from underlying structures. It promotes circulation, and normalizes metabolic processes. It has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures, and can be used for physical or mental ailments.

Gua Sha promotes circulation and normalize metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue. It is used when one is experiencing pain, chronic congestion, asthma, physical/ emotional stress, among other ailments. Using a blunt, scooped tool, moderate pressure is applied to the affected areas and stroked in a downward motion repeatedly.

With a 30 minute Cupping and/or Gua Sha treatment, acupuncture needles can be inserted during the final 10 minutes to areas that were found to be the most affected.

Heather Barnes

  • Acupuncturist