~ Eminence Organic Skin Care ~

Red Carpet Ready Flash Treatment

$95 – 30 minutes – All Skin Types

Experience a glamorous transformation with this zippy 30-minute facial treatment. This treatment begins with a blend of oxygenating Arctic Berry and Stone Crop Fizzofoliant to leave your skin buzzing.  An invigorating masque and oil is applied to instantly revitalize your skin and get it glowing for your next gathering. Your flash treatment is completed with the brand-new Marine Flower Peptide Serum and Eye Cream as well, the Age Corrective Ultra products which instantly lift and fill fine lines. Be sure to indulge in some take-home products and keep them handy for your next night on the town!

Botanical Beauty Organic Facial
with Deluxe Scalp Massage

$100 – 50 minutes – All Skin Types

Experience a modern take on old world apothecary traditions with this transformative, refreshing facial using Eminence Organic Skin Care.  First, a ritual with aroma-therapeutic botanical oils will evoke the scent of Hungary in the summer, when the linden blossoms are in full bloom perfuming the streets. Next, a double cleanse will gently enliven the skin, leaving it feeling soft.  Experience the botanicals of Hungary during your facial treatment which includes exfoliation, massage and masques as well as nourishing hydration.  Your facial is complete with a deluxe scalp treatment to decompress and unwind, leaving your hair nourished and lustrous. Surprise your senses with this summer-like ritual facial experience.

Inner Radiance Eminence Facial
with Resurfacing Back Treatment

$125 – 65 minutes – All Skin Types

Radiance Revealed! Reveal your inner radiance with this exotic resurfacing lactic acid facial and refreshing back treatment. The facial will minimize pores, smooth your complexion and reveal luminous healthy skin so you can get your glow back. Designed with all skin types in mind, this gentle Lactic Acid Complex is paired with the antioxidant-rich super fruit, Mangosteen—often referred to as the “Queen of Fruits” the Mangosteen enhances your protection against environmental damage, providing vital antioxidants to your skin.

Skin Revival Oxygenating Face & Back Duo

$140 – 75 minutes – All Skin Types

It’s time to revive the skin you’re in!  The Skin Revival Face & Back Duo is a luxurious combination of an Advanced Oxygenating Facial and Invigorating Back Treatment to lift your spirits and leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and fresh. With aromas of citrus, stone crop and microgreens this treatment will be sure to leave you walking on cloud nine.

‘BRIGHT EYES’ Treatment

$35 – 20 mins approx.
Treat and minimize fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. While helping to prevent milia.

Eminence Men’s Treatment

$85 – 45 minutes – All Skin Types

This energizing and refreshing treatment addresses the concerns and skin conditions faced uniquely by men. Ideal for all skin types, this facial treatment balances oil production while providing anti-ageing ingredients to the skin. Our Eminence Men’s Treatment provides a customized consultation and steps that includes deep cleansing, exfoliation and soothing masques. The treatment is complete with recommendations for home care and clear, protected skin.




~ Scalp Massage and MD Peel ~

Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage

$55 – 45 minutes

Add this to any facial, massage or body treatment or enjoy it by itself. Indulge yourself and experience the exceptional benefits of this scalp massage which includes a balancing treatment for your hair and scalp with a relaxing scalp and neck massage. It helps to maintain healthy blood circulation, nourishes hair follicles, reduces stress and anxiety as well as conditions the scalp.


$50 – 30 mins approx.

This treatment diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while visibly reducing and treating breakouts. It also targets dark spots while improving the skins tone and texture. It’s best suited for stubborn skin conditions that have not responded favorably to other anti-aging treatments.




See full description on the left.
$40 – 10 mins approx.


You can also add this service to a Relaxation or Hot Stone Massage or enjoy it by itself.
See full description to the left.
$45 – 20 mins approx.

‘BRIGHT EYES’ Treatment

Treat and minimize fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. While helping to prevent milia.
$20 – 15 mins approx.

Lip Treatment

Exfoliate, plump and hydrate your lips.
$20 – 15 mins approx.




   – 20 mins approx.

  – 30 mins approx.

   – 40 mins approx.


LASH LIFT (+ Tint)

   – 60 mins approx.

   – 1 hr 30 mins approx.

   – 1 hr 45 mins approx.



MISENCIL Eyelash Extensions

Full Description Here

Good-Bye Mascara
Hello Longer, Fuller Lashes!

Together with Holly you will choose what length, thickness and curl you’d like to compliment your natural beauty for the unique look you desire. MISENCIL extensions are water resistant, comfortable and give you the full, long, radiant eyelashes you’ve always wanted without damaging your natural lashes.



* Prices are subject to HST and may change without notice. Gift cards purchased before a price increase will be valid 3 months after the increase, thereafter the increased amount owing is to be paid by the   client using the older gift card upon check out.   Thank you.