Initial Assessment   -   60 mins: $90  / 75 mins: $110  /  90 mins: $130

Your first treatment with our massage therapists focuses on an assessment to properly create an individualized treatment plan to allow you to progress through your injury or issue as quickly as possible. After the assessment, your RMT will continue into a treatment with the time remaining. Assessments can vary between 15-45 minutes depending on the client’s needs.

Treatments     -  30 mins: $55  /  45 mins: $75   /  60 mins: $90
                                               75 mins: $110
   /  90 mins: $130

A 60/45/30 minute massage treatment with a Registered Massage Therapist that incorporates General Swedish Massage techniques, mechanical cupping, trigger point releases, and myofascial release depending on the client’s needs.

Therapeutic Foot Massage       -  30 mins: $55  

Help relieve stress and foot/leg fatigue  with our 30 minute therapeutic foot massage.

Prenatal  -  30 mins: $55  /  45 mins: $75   /  60 mins: $90

During pregnancy, a woman's  body undergoes major physiological, structural and   emotional changes.   Muscle and joint pain, stress, anxiety, depression   and fatigue are all commonly experienced. Low back and pelvic pain can have an impact on daily life for many women.  Adjustments are made to the classic massage positions to accommodate a growing baby belly as you progress through the trimesters.

Sports Massage    -  30 mins: $55  /  45 mins: $75  /  60 mins: $90
                                               75 mins: $110
    /  90 mins: $130

Current research provides evidence that massage therapy can reduce delay onset muscle soreness and positively affect heart rate and blood pressure. This results in a relaxation response, reduced anxiety, and improved mood.

Hot Stone Massage   -  60 mins: $95

The relaxation of a hot stone massage in a therapeutic way! Therapists will use the warm stones to decrease tension, release areas of restriction, and increase circulation.

Cold Stone Massage    -  60 mins: $95
Available with Christina only

Is Hot Stone Therapy’s chillier counterpart and like hot stone therapy it has a world of benefits for the body. It can be performed using only cold stones or in conjunction with hot stones. It can help lower stress, improve circulation and sooth inflammation.

Cold stones can provide a deep state of relaxation and release tension. They can increase muscle tone, and be used to relieve redness or irritation from a chemical peel or waxing.

Cold stones offer therapeutic effect on a range of conditions from easing arthritis pain and muscle injuries to alleviating sinus congestion and headaches. Additionally, cold stones
can reduce swelling, relax muscle spasms, decrease menstrual pains and restore energy levels by stimulating the autonomic nervous  system.

      -  60 minutes: $90
Available with Natasha Murthy, RMT only

Acupressure is the stimulation  of acupuncture points without needles. 

Reflexology    -  60 minutes: $82

A 60 minute treatment to the feet and through the feet to the whole body. Reflexology is used to relax and can help with certain ailments from asthma to depression.

Indian Head Massage       -   45 mins: $75   /   60 mins: $95
                                                       add-on to a massage:  30 mins: $55   

Treatment includes massage to the neck, shoulders, scalp and face; stimulating pressure points in those areas to relieve tension and help decrease headaches.


       Couples Massage Available


Kim Thompson

       - Registered Massage Therapist

       - Hand/Foot Reflexologist

       - Indian Head Massage


Anna Callahan

       - Registered Massage Therapist
       - Indian Head Massage

Denise Hapgood

       - Registered Massage Therapist
       - Indian Head Massage
       - Cupping


Carolyn Staple 

       - Registered Massage Therapist
       - Indian Head Massage
       - Cupping

Krystle Hayden

       - Registered Massage Therapist

Natasha Murthy

       - Registered Massage Therapist
       - Reiki
       - Gua Sha / Fire Cupping
       - Acupressure

Justine Tibbs

       - Registered Massage Therapist

Heather Kane

       - Registered Massage Therapist
       - Esthetician
       - Cupping

Angela Cooper

       - Registered Massage Therapist

Colette Hicks

       - Registered Massage Therapist

Christina Humby

       -  Massage Therapist
       -  Life Coach




Appointments & Cancellation:


A major credit card is required at time of booking to secure your appointment.   24-hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  A cancellation fee may be charged if cancelled without this 24-hour notice. 

Please make sure to bring your insurance card (if direct billing) and doctor's referral (if your insurance company requires one).

Check-in & Late Arrival:

Please arrive 10-15 min prior to your appointment time. Arriving late will likely result in a shortened or rescheduled appointment with applicable charges.